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Confidential Computing

Verifiable Delay Functions and Confidential Computing

In this article, we explore a new approach to Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs) and how they can work together with Confidential Computing.

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Confidential Computing

A Confidential Design for Digital Marketing

Learn how confidential computing can help digital marketers to unlock the full value of their data.

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Confidential Computing

Ransomware and the Data Security Dilemma

In the fight against ransomware, businesses need new approaches to secure their data during processing. Learn more about how confidential computing adds an additional layer of security.

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Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice leverages Conclave to fight human trafficking.

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ClaimShare is a flagship product from global technology vendor IntellectEU that enables insurers to identify “double-dipping” fraud. It is the world’s first solution for this problem, leveraging R3’s confidential computing platform, Conclave.

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Conclave: A platform to securely share and analyze data

Conclave opens several business use cases for software vendors to process previously inaccessible data and build high-value multi-party analytics.

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Confidential computing made easy

Take your data protection needs to new heights.

Prevent unauthorised access to your data

With Conclave, your data and code are always encrypted and kept inside secure enclaves at runtime. It protects your data and sensitive workloads from insider attacks and rogue administrators. Not even the service provider, hypervisor or operating system have access to the data within this trusted region.

Collaborate securely with multiple parties

Solutions built on Conclave securely pool and process data from multiple parties to share costs and enable cross-company collaboration, while protecting intellectual property and personal data.

Use Attestation to prove data integrity

Authenticate all hardware and software, and audit the source code of the algorithm used to process sensitive data. Also receive cryptographic proof your data is being processed only as agreed.

Preserve data privacy in the cloud

Enjoy all the benefits of Functions as a Service platforms as you already know them, but with the complete comfort – and technical proof – that code is executed inside a secure enclave.