Make data privacy the default for your business

Your data is your most valuable asset. We have the tools to protect it. Conclave makes it easy to encrypt your data throughout every stage in the data lifecycle — at rest, in transit, and during processing.

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Enhance security with the power of confidential computing

The protection of sensitive data is paramount for businesses. With Conclave, organizations can prove to their customers that both critical code and data remain protected and can't be tampered with during processing.

  • Make no compromises to enable the highest level of data protection
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology for your privacy-first solutions
  • Protect data and applications in use by running them within secure enclaves

Choose the solution that is best for your business

Whether building confidential computing applications, or scaling your secure workloads on demand, we provide the tools that make it easy to develop and host privacy-first applications and services.

Conclave Cloud

A serverless confidential computing platform with built-in privacy-preserving features.

Conclave Core

An open-source toolkit for the rapid development of privacy-preserving applications.

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Build privacy-preserving solutions with ease

With Conclave’s simplified developer experience, you don’t need low-level coding expertise to take advantage of confidential computing. Conclave brings the benefits of hardware-based trusted execution environments (TEEs) to every developer who builds privacy-first technology.


Create highly customized Intel® SGX enclaves using high-level languages such as Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript.


Interact with secure enclaves via an intuitive API to secure your most sensitive data, even while in use.

A graphic showing the three different states of encryption: data in use, data in transit, and data at rest.


See why customers trust R3’s Conclave to enable data protection during processing.

One of the major barriers to combatting human trafficking is the limited availability of accurate and timely information. Conclave enables us to share and analyse data about the survivors we work with in a secure and confidential way – opening up a new realm of possibilities for collaborative intervention as well as mapping emerging trends and routes of exploitation. This in turn will inform our sector to ensure we are being the most effective in achieving our goal to end slavery – for good.
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Tim Nelson
Hope for Justice
ClaimShare and its network of insurers are forceful proponents of the Conclave technology developed by R3. ClaimShare uses Conclave in combination with Corda Distributed Ledger Technology to exchange and confirm personal data matches between insurers to flag potential duplicate fraud claims.
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Steven Eliaerts
Product Manager
We have utilised Conclave as a foundational technology for collaborating on sensitive data sets because it makes it very easy to build confidential computing enabled apps. Conclave is great due to its secure and simple enclave messaging API and other features like its Key Derivation Service (KDS).
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Parth Shukla

Privacy engineering made easy

Start building confidential computing applications to protect your most important asset throughout every state of the data lifecycle — your data.