Conclave – Why we’re doing what we’re doing

Our mission is to make data privacy the default for businesses.


As R3 develops the foundations for a new digital economy, data protection is a key pillar. Without it, the digital transformation and financial freedom we are enabling as a firm cannot be accomplished. We believe data privacy should be easily achievable for all builders, developers, and problem solvers, so the utility of their solutions can be maximized without compromising their users’ trust. Data breaches and hacks are a common part of digital life. They shouldn’t be. We will one day look back at this era with surprise about how much private and sensitive data was stolen and misused and how little notice was given to it. Every day companies are hacked, blackmailed, and ground to a halt. It happens so frequently, it no longer makes the headlines. However, security concerns are top of mind for many companies. They prevent migrations to the cloud, causing cost and friction, as well as leaving many opportunities to collaborate untouched and under-utilised. The fear of misusing or leaking customers’ data paralyses the business and stifles innovation.

Conclave leverages privacy enhancing technology to solve this problem at its core. Conclave makes it easy to protect data throughout every stage in the data lifecycle—at rest, in transit, and during processing. With Conclave’s developer-friendly and intuitive API, businesses can start building privacy- preserving applications that enable the highest level of data protection.

Privacy engineering made easy

Start building confidential computing applications to protect your most important asset throughout every state of the data lifecycle — your data.